Manterol is a group of companies dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and marketing of home textiles.

Manterol was born in 1958 as a blanket factory and nowadays has a great experience, reputation and respect on the part of all the players that
make up this textile sector.

With almost 70 years of life, our company has been able to adapt and modernize itself according to the new needs of the market and mainly of the consumer of the XXI century, that is why to date, we have managed to evolve from a position of indisputable leadership in the commercialization from a single product, the blanket, to consolidate ourselves
as an excellent integral supplier of services and/or products for the home.

Manterol is permanent dedicated to the customer, therefore, the organization covers all phases of the value chain (design, manufacture, distribution and sale of own stores).

The commitment to the customer lies behind the integration of sustainability in the Group’s supply chain and its environmental policy.

The companies of the Manterol Group are defined by offering the best quality household linen.

An efficient logistics system based in Spain allows us to serve our distributors, from one unit, all the necessary products in the minimum time.

Manterol exports its products to different countries all over the world.

If you would like to be part of the Manterol universe contact us at 962916000 or